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Nowadays, entrepreneurs and managers need to maintain their perspective and direction when approaching new challenges, regardless of their daily tasks within the company.


The entrepreneur support service from Glevco, comprehensively aids both the company and the entrepreneur or the manager. Glevco offers coaching and mentoring along side other techniques and resources.


Amongst our services we have a full range of resources that facilitate both management and entrepreneurs alike to help rediscover or improve your vision, skills and results, as well as personal and business development. Glevco’s professional team come from the world of business so we understand both the reality and needs.


How Glevco can support you:

  • Through our personalized Global Advisor service (read more)
  • Taking you through the process of Executive Coaching for family businesses or Life Coaching (read more)
  • Improving relationships with yourself and others through the Personal Growth and development (read more)

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coaching estrategico

Global Advisory service at Glevco attends to your company’s structure and strategy. Being practical and intuitive for the many existing challenges, among which we highlight:


  • The need to begin a process of redefining or reinventing products, services, business model or even a new organizational model.
  • The location of a deficit that impedes progress, implementing and developing the necessary measures to correct and improve company shares or growth.
  • The definition of the strategies to create the axes of development of for your business.
It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. (J. K. Rowling)

At Glevco we combine the experience gained in the corporate world with techniques in coaching and mentoring. This methodology is intended to develop the potential of people and involves the transfer of knowledge and learning through experience. All this within a predominantly intuitive and confidential process. The process is aimed at establishing a personal relationship, and trust between the mentor, who guides, stimulates, challenges, encourages, etc. and the directors, so that it develops the best of you, on a personal and professional level.


Desarrollo Personal

The business world has a large number of family businesses. For some people, family ties feel like a heavy load in their business.


Glevco’s methodologies such as executive coaching are based on a systemic view of the business. They can help you to see things as part of a whole, to fully understand the business reality and understand our position within the organization.


Executive coaching helps people become more efficient and improve their wellbeing.


Coaching from Glevco helps each person draw their own path to achieve their personal objectives and those of the organization, such as:

  • To learn or improve specific skills
  • To improve efficiency
  • To improve your wellbeing and job satisfaction
  • To manage and run your company more profitably
  • To prepare for career promotion
  • To improve the performance of the company


The main applications of executive coaching focus on areas of personal development (motivation, development, performance, planning, etc.), and inter-personal aspects (delegation, problem solving, teamwork, evaluations and assessments, etc.).

Executive Coaching’s objective is to pursue the highest professional and personal development as its aim.

Glevco’s professional team have come from the world of family business. We understand the reality and the needs, in all aspects and departments. We know first hand the experiences of managers and their teams within an organization.


Coaching Ejecutivo

Personal Coaching is based on taking responsibility for our own lives to achieve what we want. It is supported by two motivating factors: self-improvement and self-realization.


It is a concrete processes of development and change management of personal discovery in which the person identifies where it is, and where they want to go, by designing action plans to achieve their objectives in effective and lasting way.

Coaching is based on future possibilities rather than on past mistakes.

Personal Coaching facilitates the development of people’s potential to achieve consistent objectives and in depth changes. During this process, Glevco’s coaches help people clarify their goals, whether they be personal, work related, relationship based goals, etc., and set out to achieve them, through a personalized and confidential process.


crecimiento personal

Sometimes managers need to rediscover the enthusiasm, recharge their batteries, even consider a change of direction in their lives and / or their business or careers. You may wonder: what am I doing here, doing this?


At Glevco, we encourage you to get best results in different aspects of your life, by learning to live with awareness and wisdom, becoming more responsible, proactive and self-sufficient. This is achieved through self-knowledge and our support. Glevco wants you to start as soon as possible to be able to make conscious decisions that really want.


To start to know ourselves better, knowing how to manage and understand our emotions are the first steps to improving our wellbeing. Glevco’s professionals will accompany you in your process of personal growth. Our work is based on that of industry leaders such as Louise Hay, Stephen R. Covey, and Sondra Ray whose works have applications both on a professional and professional level.

It is never too late to be what you might have been. (G. Eliot)

Thanks to the professionals from the area of personal growth at Glevco, you will learn to:

  • Regulate your emotions and enhance your emotional intelligence, to learn how to strengthen your self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • To know yourself in depth, differentiating between your ego and essence.
  • Trust in yourself and in life, to overcome the fears and insecurities that prevent you from making decisions driven by intuition.
  • Breathe consciously.
  • Identify, challenge and transcend your limiting beliefs, to improve the relationship with yourself, others, and with the world.
  • Redefine your concept of success and your values, priorities and life aspirations, to be able to enjoy your conviction and follow your own path.

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