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We want to help improve performance and wellbeing



Imagine your company and how its results would change if team members had more positive attitudes, knew how to better prioritize tasks, reduced the number of errors, successfully assumed new responsibilities, improved their level of satisfaction and were more aware of their impact at work.


The area of coaching from Glevco helps companies to become efficient, and to improve coordination and unity among team members.


How can Glevco help you improve performance and well-being?

  • With expert support in Strategic Coaching (read more)
  • Through a personalized process of Executive Coaching (read more)
  • Improving performance and relationships through Team Coaching (read more)
  • Coaching Training for key personnel in your company (read more)

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Glevco’s professionals have extensive experience in supporting entrepreneurs and managers to developing an awareness of the importance of having a strategic direction for their businesses. Without defined and targeted objectives, business growth is inefficient.

Glevco’s coaches also have extensive experience in identifying the factors that organizations need and accompanying them in the process to improve and achieve their goal.

Our goal is yours, to set development axes to help your company to grow.

Strategic Coaching allows us to analyse all areas of your company with the key people, in order to identify the current position of the organization. It allows us to expose the causes that restrict the company’s returns and develop a specific plan to address the causes. Subsequently an action plan is then carried out to achieve the outlines objectives and our professionals accompany the responsible persons in the implementation of the plan.



Executive Coaching helps managers to become more efficient and to improve their level of well-being.

The Coaching service from Glevco helps managers to draw and decide their own path for their personal goals and organization, such as:


  • To learn or improve specific skills
  • To improve efficiency
  • To improve wellbeing and job satisfaction
  • To manage and run your company more profitably
  • To prepare for career promotion
  • To improve company performance


The main applications of Executive Coaching focus on areas of personal development (motivation, development, performance, planning, etc.), and inter-personal aspects (delegation, problem solving, teamwork, evaluations and assessments, etc.)

Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them” (J. Whitmore)

Glevco’s professional coaches are trained according to the International Coach Federation (ICF) standard and have vast experience in the world of business, so we know the reality and the needs in all areas and departments. We know first hand the experiences of managers and their teams within an organization.



Team Coaching increases cohesion and unity among team members, promotes cultural awareness, and promotes the autonomy and commitment of all team members. It also improves communication, trust, leadership, management skills, coordination of actions and cooperation.


During the process of Team Coaching, Glevco’s professionals support teams to develop their performance and efficiency. The aim, that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

At Glevco, we are a team of professionals to serve individuals and companies to offer our experience, professionalism and commitment to a single purpose; to achieve their goals.

At Glevco, we are convinced that ensuring all employees are enthusiastic about their work improves the performance of individuals and the working environment. This consequently results in greater resulting benefits for the organization in question and improves the well being of people in general.


coaching ejecutivo

Coaching Training from Glevco ensures the integration of coaching skills in a confidential setting. The goal is to train and enable coaches within your enterprise for all aspects and operations of your business, promoting a new style of leadership based on trust, commitment, and the effective coordination of actions to get results.


More and more organizations opt for more efficient approaches to management, in which those responsible for development are not only HR professionals.


This training is aimed at entrepreneurs, managers, directors and executives, HR managers and other professionals within professional teams or groups. Moreover it is aimed for training professionals pursuing positions as internal coaches.

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