We want to be your export department



If you believe that exportation is the key to diversification and growth for your business, but you have limited international experience or human resources, Glevco can help. At Glevco we can provide our team of experts in foreign trade to act as your Export department. Companies that export can see many benefits including increased profits more rapidly and the opportunity to increase employee wages.


How Glevco helps your company to export?

  • Acting as your external Export Department (read more)
  • Through our personalized Tutoring in Internationalization (read more)
  • Offering internal Training in Foreign Trade (read more)

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At Glevco we want to be your export department.
Your business will have a Export Manager from Glevco, dedicated to your company and its products.

At Glevco, we perform the role of your Export Manager to promote and sell your businesses products in international markets. We offer a highly professional service with competitive European rates.


Glevco’s professionals in foreign trade have solid experience and knowledge. The result of years directing export departments of leading companies in the domestic market and successful negotiations on international markets.


At Glevco we take care of:

  • The selection of target markets with the greatest potential for your products
  • Finding appropriate distribution channels
  • To orientate you with regards to labelling regulations by country
  • International standards and barriers to entry
  • Developing a strategy for international sales
  • Contact with importers and distributors of your products your selected markets
  • International negotiation
  • Creating and developing international trade relations on behalf of your company
  • Advising on international contracts
  • Conducting commercial activities and promotions
  • Helping to fulfil your orders
  • Advise on international means and methods of payment
  • Attend to and maintain business relationships with your international clients


At all times, your Export Manager from Glevco that is assigned to your company will be in constant communication with the management of your company, providing feedback on each and every one of the actions taken.



If you opt to carry out the internationalization process internally, at Glevco we can offer tutoring services for Internationalization.


This service is specialized and personalized business advice on everything related to the process. To do this, one of Glevco professional team will advise on the products or services of your company, the selection of target markets, distribution channels, marketing tools, international business contacts, means of payment and collection as well as in the internal organization of your export department.

Globalization is a reality that must be fulfilled.
SMEs and microenterprises can develop and grow by developing and internationalizing.

Our professionals have solid experience gained over more than 15 years working within and running export departments.


At Glevco, we have developed our own training methodologies. We combine the business guidance and strategic vision necessary for you to internationalize your company. We do this all while focusing on professionalism and excellence in the approach to work.



The area of Foreign Trade training from Glevco is a highly personalized service in the business environment in which our customers are constantly developing.

We are at your disposal to carry out a training program on demand.
Therefore, we train staff on both a theoretical and practical level so your staff are aware of the necessary aspects of internationalization and can manage independently and autonomously:

  • Incoterms
  • Select markets
  • Finding distribution channels
  • International Negotiation
  • Logistics International
  • Legislation and regulations
  • Methods of collection and international payments


This training is tailored to allow you and your company to deal with the different challenges your business will face when undertaking the process of internationalization. Moreover its aim is to ensure you clearly understand and know all of the operational aspects of international business.


Our professionals have consolidated theoretical knowledge with extensive practical experience in export business departments.

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